Roads & Bridges

As the largest ready-mixed concrete supplier, with three locations in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, Coon Industries is well-positioned to provide professional service and the quality required to meet state- and federal-specifed projects. We have extensive experience on PA DOT, Army Corps of Engineers, and many other agency’s projects, overseen from the local on up to the federal level. Our plants are PA DOT and NRMCA certified, and we only use materials that meet the highest specifications.

We now offer telebelt services. Strong, yet nimble, our telebelt delivery conveyor offers 50 and 110 foot telescopic conveyor options. Designed for versatility and high volume, the rapid discharge allows to quick placement of not only concrete, but also flowable fill, aggregates, mulch, etc. Please call 570-433-3186 for scheduling.